How do we work?

We manufacture the most demanded signs at unbeatable prices, so that you sell your customers signs with a large profit margin.

Advantages SIGN24H
Advantages SIGN24H

About your benefits

- You choose your selling prices. The end customer can never see the prices of the products, they will not know how much you have paid for or what your margins are.

- You can also benefit from buying by quantity or in pack, getting your products even cheaper. As they are standard products, customizable and easy to sell, you can allow yourself to have them in your stock without risk.


- We guarantee the lowest prices thanks to the fact that we only offer the most demanded products, at factory prices and without intermediaries.
- We manufacture thousands of units at the same time and in record time, thanks to our optimized and patented manufacturing and design systems.
- We also sell to sign makers throughout Europe, in large quantities and large volumes of shipping; guaranteeing So, low prices and shipping.

Orders in large quantities: We are specialists in manufacturing any type of label in large quantities. If you need more than 50 units of the same product, request a price here.

- We have available 24-hour delivery throughout Europe.
- Thanks to the fact that we prepare orders at the moment and distribute them through the fastest carriers and with the best guarantees.
- If you place your order before 1:00 p.m. they leave the warehouse the same day.

The most demanded signs, ready to personalize: 

- We only manufacture the products statistically demanded by almost 90% of customers. The essentials within any signage project, and standard measures adaptable to any need.

- We apply innovations to the usual products, which give them unique attributes such as compact design, lower profile thickness, the best components, optimized lighting without shadows, recyclable and energy-efficient materials, lower weight ...

Signs of high performance, quality and durability. New products coming soon!

- We work exclusively with professionals in the signage and advertising sector: We do not sell to end customers and they cannot see prices on the web, which can only be accessed if you have signed up.

- The professional acts as distributor. If you're an end customer and you want any of our products, contact us and we will refer you to the distributors in your area.

- All products are shipped without personalized printing. Thus we ensure that as a professional you can personalize and sell them to your client's needs. In this way, you act as a distributor.  

- We reliably and automatically verify that you are a professional. If you want to send them directly to your customers and then personalize them you also can do it, we always pack without any type of label or trademark. Your customer will never know where you bought them.

- We accept all major credit cards and PayPal so that your procedures and payments are very comfortable.

- Automatic payment optimized with all the guarantees of the best platforms.

- You will have detailed access to the value of the transport, so that you can verify the benefits of buying in quantity.

- You can apply the discount codes you receive, inside your cart, just before making the payment.

- We take care of your time !. All information 100% online and instantly, from your customer account.

Taxes and shipping

- We deliver to the following destinations: Spain. Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy.

- The Shipping costs vary according to the selected area and delivery times. You will be able to make an estimate of the transport, within each product, during the purchase process and before its confirmation. This will also help you to see the great advantages you get when buying in quantity.

- We ship to Spain Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Austria.

- If your company is located in Spain, 21% VAT will be applied, which you can deduct as a company in your returns.

- If your company is located in the indicated countries of the EU and is registered as an intra-community operator in the VIES (VAT information exchange system), your purchases in Sign24h are exempt from VAT.

- If your company is located in the indicated countries of the EU and is not registered in the VIES, the VAT rate corresponding to the country of destination will be applied. In this case, you can still deduct the amount of VAT on your returns.

- Frequently asked questions about the VIES:< /p>

- Verification of registration in the VIES:

- VAT rates in the EU, the general rate applies :

- Consult your manager to register as an intra-community operator and obtain VAT exemption.

- The rate of breakage or damage in Sign24h is very low which we achieve because our packaging is extraordinarily reinforced and what do we work with companies European transport leaders.

- If you receive a damaged product you can return it for free through our returns platform and we will send you a new one at the moment.

About your orders and your account

- Log in and you will access your private area.
- Go to the option "My orders" to see the status of your order (both manufacturing, shipping and delivery).
- You can also download invoices and get more information.

Remember that the username is your email and the password you used to register.
Did you forget your password?

- You can do it from your user profile. You will have access to your data, delivery address, invoices, order history ...

- You can configure and manage it all from your customer account 100% online.

Product Information

Within each product, under the photos you will find all the description regarding the product and its packaging, with the available measurements, finishes, weights, etc.

If you wish more technical details that you cannot find in the description, a little further down, you will find the technical sheet of each product, with the measurements piece by piece, component specifications and other details.

You will find the design templates next to the technical sheets of each product, just below the description. You can download the file in pdf format, to use it as a template when preparing your design.

We do not offer this service. Our model is focused on professionals with the ability to label and personalize the labels according to the indications of their clients.

Return and Refund Policies

- Yes, you can return the product. Enter our returns portal, choose the return reason and follow the instructions.


- Dropshipping as a business model consists of selling products without having to manufacture, without having stocks and therefore without effort or investment.

- You set the prices according to the margins you want to achieve, you act as an intermediary, focusing all your energy on the sale and not worrying about everything else.

- The SIGN24H dropshipping model offers you two possibilities:

- If your client does not need customization, we send it directly to them without further ado.

- If your client needs customization, you can customize it on site, or receive it in your workshop to customize it before delivery and assembly to your client.

- With the dropshipping system, you increase your profits from the first day considering that you do not have an initial investment or fixed expenses. No matter how little you sell, you'll already be earning.

- But it's not just about that, you need the increase to be considerable and attractive. To do this, we give you a series of tips that will surely bring you these much sought-after benefits:

1. Boost your online resources: invest in your store, your SEO, networks, etc., this will help you reach your customers more effectively.

2. Do not go overboard with prices: we are not going to tell you what price to set, only you know your clients and your market well, but we do recommend realistic and competitive prices .

3. Add value beyond economics: a great piece of advice is to add your personal value to the product. If you enter a price war focusing only on it, you will be setting your own limit. Get your customers to choose you for your service and your differentiating attention. It offers a unique proposal.

4. What your customer needs: You know better than anyone what kind of products and services your customers are looking for. Offer them what they need clearly and effectively. And focus your resources on promoting those specific products.

- For our part, we offer you high-quality labels, with shipping within 24 hours, with a white label, with unique aesthetics and standard measurements.


- Worry-free: forget about inventory, management, packaging or shipping. Optimize your time to focus on your sales strategies.

- No risks: there are no economic losses, the investment is minimal.

- No fixed costs: you save on warehouses and management staff. All these tasks are on us.

- It is easily scalable: each new product in our catalog will also be for you and your customers.

- We make it easy for you: as a dropshipper, we provide you with editable images of our products. In this way, you can customize them to your liking, with your brand and thus differentiate yourself from other sellers like you. Optimizing your SEO and reaching your customers directly.

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