Refund policy

General guarantee: if the merchandise is or arrives defective due to manufacturing or material defects, Sign24h will be expressly and fully empowered, at its free and sole choice, either to replace the merchandise, to carry out the corresponding repair, or to replace the defective or damaged product or to request the return of the product by returning the amount paid by the customer. In the case of partially defective merchandise, the customer will not be entitled to claim for all of the merchandise produced and supplied. Non-essential non-compliances, especially insignificant defects, are not considered defects or flaws in product or service. As a general rule, a defect will be considered insignificant if it cannot be seen at the usual installation distance. The warranty period for goods due to manufacturing defects or their components is twelve months from the date of delivery of the goods in accordance with applicable legislation.

The customer has 14 calendar days from the purchase of the product to exercise their right of withdrawal; The procedure to exercise this right is to send an email to the address explaining the reason for the return or the desire to withdraw without further reason. This right of withdrawal excludes the cases contemplated in Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, article 103, especially section c) relating to products manufactured according to customer specifications or clearly personalized. Any decision and / or action carried out by the client based on a manufacturing error, transport damage, etc. Without consulting Sign24h previously, it voids all guarantee and technical or economic responsibility.

Please note that there are situations that we cannot control and for which Sign24h is not responsible. These situations can be, but not limited to:

- Delays in delivery attributable to transport agencies.
- Damage to the product once delivered to the customer.

As Sign24h's intention is for the customer to be fully satisfied with their purchase, even if the cause of dissatisfaction is not Sign24h's responsibility, contact us and we will try to offer you a solution. Send these communications to info @ sign24h